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Tick-fighting tactics

Ticks vector major diseases in animals, including humans. They represent an ever greater threat. This report highlights key discoveries by INRA researchers related to these tiny invertebrates that have a disproportionately large influence on disease transmission...

Sheep tick (Ixodes ricinus). © Inra-Oniris, B. Chaubet
Updated on 12/16/2016
Published on 03/22/2016

Contents :


Ticks vector multiple pathogens

Novel bacteria detected in patients bitten by ticks

GenIric: sequencing the Ixodes ricinus genome

A new look at the pathogens transmitted by ticks and their screening

Sequencing of Babesia genomes facilitates study of host-parasite interactions

The Siberian chipmunk: a major Lyme disease reservoir

Small mammals, ticks, and agricultural landscapes

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