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Cattle. © INRA, CATTIAU Gilles

Animal Health

The Animal Health Division, with 16 units and joint research units, 3 experimental units and over 700 staff is a scientific community dedicated to animal health and veterinary public health.


GISA's global programme, the Carnot Institute for Animal Health (ICSA), the European ANIHWA and STAR-IDAZ projects, the French Network for Animal Health (RFSA), the Agreenium consortium: a network of instruments for animal health and veterinary public health.

Attribute Type Value
Reducing antibiotic use in the livestock industry

Reducing the use of antibiotics in agriculture is essential to limit the occurrence and risks of propagation of multiresistant bacteria. To do so, public awareness and an evolution of practices in a One Health approach are necessary. INRA is multiplying initiatives aimed at associating all scientific disciplines around joint research projects, while involving all the players of the agricultural world.


Units of the Research Division